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How it works

climbAwall is a simple to install product. Below are our FAQS to help answer all your questions!

What sizes are the panels?

… the panels come in one size – and are able to be fitted together to create a wall size of your choice. Each panel is approximately 1200 x 1200mm; the symmetry of them allows them to be installed in any rotation.

With 33 pre-drilled staggered grid holes (approx 200mm between the centres) and installed M10 T-nuts that should fit most standard climbing holds, the sheets are ready to use.

What are the panels made from?

… these traverse/climbing panels are constructed from half sheets of 18 mm birch plywood, making them easy to transport. Indoor panels are finished in a clear hard lacquer as standard, but other finishes are available. Outdoor panels are covered in a dark brown phenolic resin with a hex grip pattern.

What sort of surface do the panels attach to?

… the best way to assure a good strong fixing is to build a 50mmx75mm frame work which can then be screwed back to any surface. The type of screw needed would depend on the substrate to which the panels are being fixed. Or you can screw the boards straight into the surface is it is good strong substrate.

What tools are needed to create my climbing wall?

… you will need an electric hand drill and a handy friend. Some No5 75mm/80mm screws but this will depend on the substrate.

How many climbing holds come with each panel?

… there are 8 x assorted shape holds and 8 x bolts with each board if you choose that full package. But you can buy the panel on its own which has 33 holes and 33 pre-installed T-nuts or you can buy extra holds in packs of 8.

Can the climbing boards be used outdoors as well as indoors?

… we offer both indoor and outdoor panels. The outdoor panels are covered in a dark brown phenolic resin with a hex grip pattern. The indoor panels can be fitted either outdoors or indoors. If fitted outside you can easily paint with an extra protective coating of something if you wanted. But left un-treated they will tend to go a bit grey in colour as they weather.

Is there a maximum weight for users?

… the design of the M10 t-nut means it can take a lot of weight –  well over the average weight of a large man. But the fixing into the substrate must be good.

What is best configuration for the boards?

… there isn’t one, it’s totally upto you and the space you have available and you own abilities. One panel will help you build up your hand strength but 2 or more will enable you to travel upwards or sideways.

Can I change the route?

… yes, start with an easy route and as you get better it’s time to challenge yourself… remove some of the holds or fit smaller ones to make it harder!

Can I add panels at a later date?

… yes, if you are unsure then start with 2 or 3 boards. Then you can buy more another day to make your wall higher or wider for bouldering. Why not ask for them for your Birthday or add them to your Christmas list!

Who can climb?

… anyone can climb so long as they can hold their own weight. It is always advisable to lay down a crash mat ready for when you fall. Young children should have an adult around. Old people should make sure there’s a child around – then it’s all justified.

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